These automatic satellite antennas are ideal for situations where a fixed antenna is needed, but must be installed and operated without the need for a technician. Using the same type of motors, gears and an automatic controller as a vehicle mounted or flyaway auto-point system, these antennas reliably find the target satellite and establish broadband connectivity without the need for a technician or instrumentation.

These are not auto-deploying antennas, they must be assembled and installed on a plumb pole facing South, after that the automatic satellite controllers take over and point the antenna to the target satellite with the same accuracy and precision as any fully auto-deploy VSAT satellite antenna.

iNetVC-Com iNetVu satellite antennas
C-Com iNetVu FMA120 fixed motorized antenna

The iNetVu FMA (Fixed Motorized Antenna) VSAT eliminates costly pointing, re-pointing, and network downtime waiting for a technician respond for an installation or service call due to inadvertant movement (bumping) of the antenna or a change of satellites.

The one button, auto-pointing controller acquires any Ku or C Band satellite within just 2 minutes. The iNetVu 7024 automatic satellite controller is powered by 120VAC and sits inside along with the satellite modem.

The C-Com iNetVu FMA is an excellent automatic satellite Internet antenna for reliable connectivity in remote or underserved areas, ideally suited for business continuity, humanitarian aid, construction, and energy exploration and production missions.

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