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C-Com Fixed-Motorized Antenna - 1.2 meter

The iNetVu® 120 Fixed Motorized Antenna system is a self-pointing auto-acquire unit that can be mounted either as a permanent installation or on a portable fixed base. Install a professional grade antenna without an installer. This antenna has been tested and certified to point to a sdatellite with as much or more precision than a certified installation technician with a spectrum analyzer.

If the antenna is subject to shifting terrain (eathhquake, landslide, etc.), gets bumped, or shifts position for any reason, it will automatically find it's way back to the satellite, re-aim, aand re-establish your satellite communications. The antenna works seamlessly with the iNetVu® 7024C Controller.

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Technical Specs
Antenna Size 1.2m (48”)  
Refl ector Material Glass reinforced polyester SMC  
Platform Type Three axis Motorized Galvanized steel  
Antenna optics Prime Focus, off set feed, Linear Orthogonal  
Mast Size 2.5 SCH 80 pipe (3.00” OD)  
Elevation Range 80º (10º to 90º)  
Azimuth Range 340º  
Polarization Range ± 90º  
Wind Loading    
Operational 72 km/h (45mph)  
Survival 200 km/h (125mph)  
Operational -30ºC to 55ºC (-22°F to 130°F)  
Survival -40ºC to 65ºC (-40°F to 150°F)  
Elevation Motor 24VDC  
Azimuth Motor 24VDC  
Rx & Tx Cables 2 RG6 Cables -15m (50 ft) each  
Control Cables    
Standard 15m (50 ft) Ext. Cable  
Optional Up to 60m (200 ft) available  
Ku-Band Receive Transmit
Frequency (GHz) 10.95 - 12.75 (1) 13.75 - 14.50
Midband Gain (± .2dB) 41.50 43.00
Antenna Noise Temp. (K)
20º EL= 46 / 30º EL= 24
Sidelobe Envelope Co-Pol (dBi)    
1.5º <Θ <20º
29-25 LogΘ  
20º <Θ < 26.3º
26.3º <Θ < 48º
32-25 LogΘ  
48º <Θ <180º
-10 Typical  
Cross Polarization -30 dB in 1dB contour  
Any angle of axis -25 dB (Max.)  
Feed Interface Type F or N WR 75
Isolation (Port-to-Port) 35 dB 80 dB
VSWR 1.3:1 (Max.)