Fixed Satellite Internet

Satellite Internet solutions for Construction, Energy, Retail, Office, Home Office, or any other purpose at any location.

Available Everywhere
Any location within the continental US that has a clear view of the southern sky is guaranteed to be within our service area.

Reliable Performance
With network uptime available as high as 99.99%, we have satellite broadband solutions to fit every need.

Professional-Grade satellite voice and data solutions for remote or under served locations.

Secure Private Networks.
When a shared service plan isn't enough, Mobil Satellite Technologies offers dedicated private satellite networks. With a private network, you can be sure that all of your bandwidth is available whenever you need it. With a terrestrial back haul circuit into our NOC, your private satellite network data never touches the public Internet.

Mobil Satellite Technologies also offers satellite-friendly VPN solutions that are FIPS 140 and HIPPA compliant.

Satellite Internet service in high desert

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