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What makes our customers and our competitors select Mobilsat to complete their mobile satellite equipment installations?

Mobilsat has the expertise, skilled personnel and the experience of successfully performing hundreds of damage-free professional installations each year since 1997 makes Mobilsat the number one choice for satellite service and installation.


Let our mobile satellite experts help you decide which satellite system and Internet service plan is right for you.

Satellite Coverage Areas:

iDirect satellite networks

HughesNet satellite internet services

SkyEdge - Gilat Space Systems



Mobile satellite Internet Sales & Support
  • Sales and Service for Most Major Brands of Mobile Satellite Internet Systems

  • Fast Professional Installation Anywhere in the USA

  • Best Pricing Available

  • Satellite Solutions for RV, Mobile Command Post, Trailer, Truck, Car, Boat, Office, or Ship

  • Automatic Satellite TV Systems

  • Experienced Satellite Technicians On Staff

  • Business, Government, & Consumer

Experience Counts when it comes to Mobile Satellite Internet equipment, installation, and broadband Internet service.

What makes our customers select Mobilsat for all of their mobile satellite equipment needs? It's because Mobilsat has the expertise, skilled personnel and the experience of successfully performing hundreds of damage-free professional mobile satellite installations each year since 1997. This expertise, together with our volume pricing, makes Mobilsat your number one choice for mobile satellite Internet service and installation.



Most of our mobile satellite systems deploy and operate automatically with the touch of a single button, and require no special training to operate. Some of the portable and transportable satellite Internet systems can be aimed manually by the user.

Which system is right for you?

At Mobil Satellite we represent most of the world's finest satellite equipment manufacturers, as well as multiple diverse satellite networks.


Mobile Satellite Internet Systems - These fully automatic systems work whenever the vehicle has been stopped and the dish deployed.

Which mobile auto-deploy antenna is right for you?
Winegard satellite systems
Winegard DS840 - entry-level antenna
Winegard SF840
Winegard WX980
Winegard WX1200
AVL Technologies mobile satellite Internet
AVL 880KVH-AAQ VSAT-HTS Compatible
AVL 1280KVH-AQQ VSAT-HTS Compatible
iNetVu satellite Internet by C-Com
MA-750 iNetvu
Ka750V iNetVu-HTS Compatible
980 iNetVu
1200 iNetVu
1800+ iNetVu
MotoSAT satellite Internet
Click Here for MotoSAT information


Which satellite modem and network is right for you?


Each satellite network has it's own modem requirements, click on the network logo to see the satellite modem hardware that is compatible with that network.




HughesNet satellite internet services


SkyEdge - Gilat Space Systems


Satellite modem, Dish size, modem, and BUC (transmit) power are all things that should be carefully considered to achieve the balance of performance and price that fits your needs.


Generally speaking, the larger the dish (.74 meters - 1.2 meters) and the more powerful the transmit power (1 Watt – 50 Watt), the more bandwidth or throughput will be available.


Please give us a call at 757 312 8300 to speak to a knowledgeable mobile satellite Internet professional who can answer all of your questions and give you a no-obligation quote.

Authorized dealers for:
AVL satellite antenna
Winegard satellite Internet systems
Viasat Exede High Throughput Satellite
C-Com iNetVu satellite Internet antenna system
MotoSAT satellite authorized dealer

Tracstar systems motorized satellite Internet and satellite TV antennas

KVH satellite TV Systems


Winegard DS840 automatic satellite Internet antenna

Winegard DS840 .84 meter auto-deploy satellite Internet antenna

AVL 1.2 meter satellite Internet system

AVL 1.2 meter VSAT

With over 2,500 mobile satellite system installations performed since 1997, we are widely recognized as the U.S.A.'s mobile satellite Internet and satellite TV experts.


Give us a call now, and let our knowledgeable staff answer all of your questions.


On this page you will find links to detailed specifications and information that will help you choose the mobile satellite Internet system that’s right for you.



Mobilsat has installed hundreds of mobile satellite internet systems.......far more than anyone else.......including many installations performed for other satellite companies who do not have any trained mobile satellite technicians of their own, and know and respect our professional mobile satellite system installation expertise.

Which Internet service plan is right for you?

iDirect satellite networks

HughesNet satellite internet services

SkyEdge - Gilat Space Systems

Get information on In-Motion mobile satellite Internet systems here

These systems providing high speed Internet access, even while the vehicle is moving.

Get information on Auto-Pointing Fixed Satellite Internet Antennas Here

These fixed, pole-mounted antennas automatically point and align themselves to the satellite whenever they are set up, eliminating the need for a technician when the fixed antenna is installed.

See what is included in a Standard Mobile Installation.


As authorized dealers for many brands of mobile satellite Internet system manufacturers, we have experience in testing, installing, and servicing many different brands and models of mobile satellite Internet systems, and we know which mobile satellite system is best for every application.


In addition to being a factory-authorized dealer providing sales, installation, equipment maintenance and support, Mobilsat will also be your Internet Service Provider (ISP), giving you the added value of a truly one-vendor solution.

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